Hudak Farm

Hudak Farm has been in the family for 50 years, making the transition from a dairy farm to a market garden 30 years ago. We are located on Rte. 7, 3 miles north of downtown St. Albans, where we operate a farmstand and greenhouse business.

Our farm is 150 acres total, 60 acres of which is tillable soil, and the remainder consisting of forest and pasture land. The 60 tillable acres provide the basis for a crop rotation system wherein the land is planted with vegetable crops for three years, then seeded down to alfalfa and grasses for three years. The alfalfa and grasses provide organic matter, a buffer against the build up of diseases, insects and weeds, and erosion control.

The combined effects of this rotation and annual application of our farm made compost on the cropped land has built a

fine tilth and reserve of organic matter in our soil over 30 years. This soil building sustains the production of healthy and premium quality produce. We raise a full selection of spring, summer and fall produce, including exotic tomatoes, peppers, melons and thousands of pumpkins.

The organic certification process, in our minds, is veering toward precluding the viability of the small farm in favor of mega-farming. For this reason we have chosen to remain uncertified, even though we follow organic practices. We plan to remain at the same level of crop production in the future, concentrating on quality and flavor above all.

-Richard Hudak and Marie Frey

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